Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome to Earf!

Happy Birthday ‘Merica! Great day to get a run in to celebrate my one day of independence from the office (and be there all the earlier the next morning…) Couldn’t have asked for better July weather for a mid-morning run though. I ran along Lake Shore Trail and along North Avenue Beach and down to the Chess Pavilion people are already setting up tents and grilling out in order to get good seats for the fireworks tonight. Now I get to relax before heading off to a friend’s to watch all of the fireworks across the city! Saturday I am also running the Muddy Monk ‘Merica Race with Eric. I can’t wait! I love trail runs!!!  America; Frak Yeah! Happy Fourth of July everypony!. ;P


  1. MURICA!! I liberated so much cake today.

  2. Fantastic! i spent most of my time on the Pie Liberation Front yesterday ;-) Sweet, sweet, taste of victory.