Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Remember way-back-when I used to have time to update my blog semi-regularly? Those were the
Pumpkins! and gourds at Green Street Market
days. Okay, so life hasn’t gotten that much crazier I suppose. Still out and about, running regularly, baseball games, working, hanging out with friends, etc. Recently I have also spent a bit more time doing ‘actual writing’ instead of just my typical half thought out blog posts, however not nearly enough to justify my absence from this lovely place of posting. Managed to get a little bit longer (an extra mile) run in today than what I typically would on a Thursday; I figured I might as well since it was too hot to run much on Tuesday and it was a very nearly glorious autumn day today.
Well I didn’t mean to ‘talk’ your ear off with this long winded entry so I will leave you with the thought:

Pumpkin Ice cream/doughnuts/pie/coffee (and every other magical pumpkin thing you can think of) is coming.

Happy very nearly fall everyone!


  1. Pumpkin wine??? And most importantly, the GREAT PUMPKIN

  2. Pumpkin wine? Nice! Personally I'm already loving the pumpkin beer this season; i will actually probably have a few during the Bears game later ;) I have also started looking for the most sincere looking pumpkin patch in the area so that i can camp out on Halloween to wait for the Great Pumpkin! :D

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